Dinosaur Bedding

Buy Personalized Dinosaur Bedding Set for Toddler, Twin, Twin XL, Full/Queen & King Size Beds. Choose between Comforters or Duvets with Pillow Shams Below!

First let me tell you alittle about my shop. If you came to shop for dinosaur bedding, you came to the right place! If you're looking for inspiration, look no farther! I put in alot of time for these designs and me and my team created some colorful dinosaur bedding sets for toddlers and kids alike. I think your little boy and girl will love my collection. I thought about what kids would love and growing up, I remember I was fascinated with these huge creatures. My favorite was the T-Rex and the triceratops and because of Jurassic park I fell in love with the Velociraptor. So alot of dinosaur bedding sets you see in this collection will have these popular animals and more. 

You can add/change the colors, characters / designs, personalize my dinosaur comforters or duvet covers

If you're struggling to think of a gift for your child, then I think I may have solved your problems. I think my store will sell the perfect dino gift for them and this will make their birthday so incredible. Think about bedrooms in general. They are boring but that is where your kids spend most of their time. Now imagine turning their dream of prehistoric dinosaurs into a reality AND it'll have their name on it. They will be so excited it'll be impossible for them to sleep at night! I believe all of my designs in this collection are modern, unique and super adorable. I tried to add a good mix of cute but also not so cute if that makes sense. Because what kids like when they are 5 and what they like at 8 or 10 are really different. 

All of my products are customizable and you can personalize it by adding your name to it. For moms and dads looking to buy a dinosaur themed bedding set for their kids, I think you came to the right place. The colors I chose really make the designs pop out like bright blue, purple, green, yellow gray and more. Everything is available in just the dinosaur comforter or duvet covers but you can also get the complete set that comes with pillow cases / pillow shams. Unfortunately the comforters / duvets are not reversible, so the underside is a white color. I also have plans on making rugs, bed sheets, curtains and more to complete the theme in your sons room :) If you're looking for a gift for dinosaur lovers then please look around. Everything can be changed, all you need to do is email me and I'll get things started. There won't be any cost too! Below you'll find my dinosaur bedding sets for kids will be a huge hit for your son or daughter.


If there are any special requests please email me at help@dreamybeddings.com. I'm open to hear your suggestions, I'm sure that they will be fun for your child. If you want a bed sheet or a special cover (linen, quilt, etc) it can also be done...just need to check alittle bit. But I don't think I can print my designs onto linen or quilt but I know I can do blankets and that is in the works. Currently I don't have any reviews but if you go to my christian art store (talked about in my about page) you can read about the positive reviews I've gotten. I love my work and I will work really hard to make sure you get great value when ordering from me. 
The selection that is currently on sale today are adorable. You won't find these anywhere but my online store, and to let you all know, I will not sell them on amazon, macy or any other place. These high quality prints will transform any bedroom including yours! I wanted to get cute dinosaurs but I feel like they are all stylish that your children will love them. They have paw marks, sweet little name tags and feature a range of prehistoric animals. If you want to just get the comforter or duvet covers you can but I recommend buying it with the pillowcase so you'll have the complete set and pattern.  Imagine putting this in your kids bedroom. It will create a sense of fantasy and bring them to a prehistory world where they can live their dreams in their comfort and cozy home. 

To talk alittle about the fabric in each piece. Each dinosaur bedding set features (and are printed on) 100% microfiber with 320 thread count sateen cotton. It's really soft, comfortable and luxurious. Trust me it'll be hard to get your children out of bed for days because they won't want to get out of Dinosaur dream land! And once they are out of bed, they'll be waiting for bedtime to get back to their adventure! The dimensions will be listed on the size chart but its standard for all my covers. But please don't worry, there will not be any fading and you'll be able to enjoy these covers for years to come. Just make sure you wash in cold water with light tumble and do not dry clean it.

If you have time please check out my other designs they are adorable! like the video game, motocross, mermaid, princess, unicorn but soon will be adding fireman, police, construction / farming and gymnastics themed bedding. 

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