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About my shop:

To give you alittle background on my products, here is a little story about me and my store. If you came to shop for dirt bike motocross bedding or if you are not looking for a set, I also sell just the comforter and duvet alone without the pillow shams / pillowcases. Then I believe you came to the right place. I made my designs for those who are fans of the sport. There has been alot of blood, sweat and tears. Endless discussions and arguments but we have finally created some colorful dirt bike / motocross bedding sets that your kids will love.

I believe if your little boy or girl is a fan of riding a dirt bike then they will love my collection. Motocross is something they love to do but I'm sure you know better than me, motocross has become their way of life too. The smell of gas and high pitched engines is addicting...the feeling just before the race starts and hitting a jump makes them feel like they can fly...is like an adrenaline rush...That feeling is what I tried to capture in these motocross bedding sets. 

That's how I made my motocross bedding. I wanted the child who has my motocross bedding to feel like their room is complete. When looking for inspiration, I was looking at my dirt bike pictures and I was fascinated by the high flying nature of the sport. Alot of my competitors (amazon, wal-mart, wayfair), just took actual pictures and printed them on cheap polyester motocross bedding set and that is not what we are doing here. Everything is custom made, hand stitched and made in the USA. So alot of the motocross bedding you see online is made in China or with very poor fabric.

Boys who love dirt bike, bmx, motocross or related mx sports are extremely into the sports. Riding fast on their motorbike is when they feel alive so please consider adding my motocross bedding set for their room. I'm sure your home or their room already has alot of mx sports accessories like different apparel like jackets, clothing, freestyle stuff, goggles, shocks, protectors, official fox racing gear, jersey or two, helmets and more. 

Either you know what your child wants or you are thinking of gift ideas, I believe you'll find what you are looking for here. Why? Because most things you find on the internet is not personalized. I feel like that is what sets my store apart from other shops. My collection will personalize all the motocross bedding sets have comforters or duvet covers which will make this gift to your kids a little extra special. Alot of the colors are bold, if you want pink, purple or colors that girls will like then please email me at help@dreamybeddings.com and I will change the colors free of charge.  

Feel free to email me to change the colors, designs, (add fox racing or race numbers,  etc) personalize your motocross comforters or duvet covers!

All of my motocross bedding sets in this collection is customizable and I made it so you can personalize it by adding your son, daughters or kids name on it. For parents wanting to create a dirt bike themed bedroom, then having motocross bedding will blow their socks off. Think about their room...doesn't it feel / look boring? Now close your eyes and think about their reaction when they see this motocross bedding. It will really blow their mind. I believe they will be so stoked and excited and it will be almost impossible to get your children out of bed. When they go to sleep, they'll be doing more tricks off a huge mountain...not because of my motocross bedding ;) but I know they will be super stoked to get this bedding and hopefully it will make them happy for bedtime but that is most likely wishful thinking haha. 

The colors I chose will make their bedroom pop. The bright blue, green, grey, red, black, yellow, orange, and more is really colorful. Go ahead and ask what they think and they will most likely say "cool". I know because I already asked about 10 different kids LOL. So far my motocross bedding has the comforter, duvet covers and pillow cases / pillow shams but i don't have bed sheets, rugs, curtains, quilts or other accessories. They are in the works however!

It's hard to talk about the fabric here but if you click on one of my motocross bedding products you'll see. I tried to include as many pictures as possible. The quality of my fabric will feel soft and plush because its made of microfiber (not microfleece) and 320 thread count sateen cotton. It's super soft, comfortable and will feel really luxurious. Each motocross bedding set features (and are printed on) this ultra soft material. I also use the best printing machine so the colors will not fade or go dull and the bedding will also not wrinkle too. But please make sure to wash in cold water and not dry clean it. Right now my motocross bedding is available for the toddler, twin, twin xl, full / queen and king size beds so please make sure you look at the size chart before ordering. All the sizes and dimensions are listed there. 

Once you order, please check your mail. I will send you a proof with what your bed will look like. Once you approve, it will take 4-7 days to print, hand stitch and package. The shipping will take 3-5 business days. My store working hours are 9-5pm EST and I am very friendly if you have served in the military, please email me privately for a discount. 


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