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Buy a Personalized Video Gamer Bedding set (Comforter & Duvets) for Toddler, Twin, Full and Queen & King Sized Beds Here

As a kid, I loved playing video games. I'm going to show my old age here, but my first gaming set was the Nintendo game boy and from there I owned the Sega game gear, Sony Playstation 1,2 3 & 4, Sega Dreamcast and the Xbox 360 system. I fondly remember going to the arcade when I was a kid, fighting over the controller with my brother, changing the channel on tv, and always searching for new video game deals...And one of my first jobs was even in game marketing! 

So now as an adult, I can't spend as much time as I used to but I still love to play games. And one thing that I would of loved as a kid is a video gamer bedding set for my bedroom. How awesome would that have been? Right now I only have created and designed gamer comforters and duvet covers for the toddler, twin, full and Queen / King sized beds but I am planning on making bedsheets, curtains, blankets, guilts, rugs and accessories. 

To give you alittle info about my shop. My team and I design many different things for your bedroom and thought it would be great to offer personalized designs. You see, everything on Amazon or Walmart is flooded with cheap things from China and there is alot of junk on there. Yea you can buy the $30 video game bedding, but its really cheap and made from really rough and hard polyester. You are really missing out on quality if you decide to go for something that cheap...but I'm sure you know that :p.  My products are printed on the best fabric with bright blues, reds, greens, purples and more. And the great thing, everything in this collection is going to last a life time. The fabric I chose with the printing machine are the top notch on the market. The material is so soft, plush and it'll feel extremely luxurious. And the best thing? Adding your child's name on it will make this gift alittle extra special. I only have a few designs so if you are looking for an item in particular, please email me at 

If you want something custom, please email me privately. I can change the colors, add characters from your favorite video games (like fortnite, minecraft, halo, etc) and more.  All this will be free and I will not make you pay extra. I do the same thing with my other store by offering free designs and it has worked out well for me :) if you are looking for a fun and exciting video gamer bedding set please look at my collection at the bottom of this page.  

All of my video gamer bedroom sets are unique, meaning you won't find my video gamer bedding set designs for sale anywhere else. They are fitted and I have made them for all your major bed sizes (toddler, twin, twin xl, full / queen and king size beds). Taking care of my video gamer bedding sets are easy too. Please don't dry clean theme but wash them in cold water. This is because I am using sateen cotton and microfleece (I don't use cheap polyester and its not microfiber) , that's why its so soft! But if you wash them carefully, they will stay soft too and some great features are that because of using the state of the art machine to print my designs, the colors do not fade or get dark over time and the gamer bedding will not wrinkle. My gamer comforter or duvet covers are really comfortable and I tried to show in the pictures to show how comfortable they are. I believe my products are stylish and this collection is fun, exciting and amazing.  If you have time, watch the review of my bedding from a youtuber. You'll see first hand the difference in quality.

After you place your order, please check your email. I will be emailing you proofs of what the video gamer bedding set will look like with your given name. After you confirm, it will take 4-7 business days to produce because its hand made and stitched together. After packaging and shipping it'll take 3-5 business days )its shipping out of Missouri). I really believe that this video gamer bedding set will be an amazing gift. 

If you want your son to really love this present, make sure to have his name on it. I really think that adding this to his room will make him feel like the ultimate champion! Imagine the glow on his face including all his friends who see this. Regardless of being a console or pc computer gamer, having a video gamer bedding set will make his dreams come true. He probably doesn't even know this exists that's why its going to surprise them! There are only a few gift that boys would love (besides more games) and I think my personalized products, merchandise or bedding is great. 

If you want just a cover without the pillow / pillowcases is not a problem. That's why I have an option for just the comforter or duvet only but I recommend getting the pillowcases / shams because it completes the decorative theme or having a video gamer bedding set.

Are you looking for game gift ideas? Depending on how old your kids are, if they are in their teens then maybe just buying them a game but if they are younger then I believe this decor is world class. For every listing, I have included and inserted as many pictures as possible.   If you're not ready to purchase, please don't forget to bookmark my shop :) 


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