Mermaid Bed Sets

Buy Personalized Mermaid Bed Sets (Comforters & Duvets) for Toddler, Twin, Twin XL, Full / Queen & King Size Beds 

Looking for something different? Anything can be customized (different colors, fonts, etc) and personalized. Just email me at to start!

Hello all! I hope you like my mermaid bedding set designs for little kids & girls (of all ages). The sizes we have available for my mermaid collection are toddler, twin, twin xl, full / queen and king. Current the pillowcase or sham is a standard 20x30 but if you want any custom sizes, please email me. All my designs have either a comforter or duvet cover with a pillow / shams but I'm sorry I don't sell bed sheets, linen, quilt, furniture or other Mermaid piece products. If you have a little girl, I really think my shop the best design, style and quality for her bedroom.  My shop makes decor (browse the shop, we make more than Mermaid stuff) that you will be proud of. It features very luxurious high quality micro-fiber fabric and 320 count sateen cotton which will make your little girl have a stylish bedroom. We also have products that a baby can even enjoy. 

I created this shop because I saw alot of low quality bedding and I wanted something that parents would be proud of. My beautiful selection of Mermaid bed sets were all designed by me and my designers which I believe are bright, adorable and stunning. We have many different themed ideas that we made such as princess, unicorn, video gaming and dinosaur comforters or duvet covers. But soon will be making cowboy, policeman, fireman, skateboarding, construction, dog and cat themes soon. But this page will only have mermaids. 

My shop uses a super high quality printer to print the designs on the covers and pillows. Don't worry as it will not disappear after a wash. And I wouldn't be selling such bad quality things if I couldn't offer you a guarantee! As you'll soon see, we use exclusive material that feels really luxurious but is very soft and comfy. Although I don't sell at the cheapest price on the web, you'll get the best value. For my value is more important than cheap prices. I want you to love my luxury prints which I believe are magical for a little girls amazing adventure when playing with her dolls at home (or maybe little mermaid dolls? ;). 

Let me walk you through how I made the these kids / girls mermaid bedding comforter & duvet sets. Researching the internet, I saw alot of Little Mermaid designs and while I wanted to do something like this, I knew that if I made little mermaid bedding sets then Disney would have come for me for copyright infringement. Therefore I wanted my these bed cover designs to be unique but also adorable, cute and comfy for any girl.

So I started researching and decided on a few designs and viola, here I am (btw I decided against making a bed sheet because most people just want the comforter or duvet cover with the pillow / sham). Finding the perfect girls Mermaid bed set can be really hard and for some reason if you can't find what you want, email me at and I can take the coolest personalized bedding set for you. Add a message, change the font, really anything is possible to have an adorable style for your kids or girls mermaid themed bedroom. The room will be personalized and should reflect your girls personalized so if they love to be a Mermaid then something like this could be great. 

I really think that kids or toddlers will love my comforters or designs so thats why you see alot of blue, pink, purple and other colors (btw if you don't like a certain color, please email me and I can change it free of charge, I'm confident you'll love my custom take on customer service and make sure you are happy with the results). I think you'll discover that kids will love this as a gift and including it in their room will result in a dreamy setting for them. Just imagine, if you decorated their room to have a mermaid theme... Everytime they went to their room, it would be like they were in a dream room of a mermaid. It's inspiring to think about to be honest with you.My dream is to have these in as many single bedrooms in the world as possible and if you choose them to be in your home, please take a picture and add a review and I'll reward you with a great prize! My girls mermaid bed set are exclusive to me and my shop. In the future, I'll have blankets, rugs and more. 

That way you'll be able to pair your girls mermaid bed set with a rug which is another great way to stand out. One thing I do want to mention is that my products are not mass produced. Everything is crafted by hand so it takes slightly abit longer to create. So all orders will take 4-7 business days to handcraft, stitch, print and package. Then another 3-5 business days for shipping and delivery (its coming out of Missouri). Sometimes I have a online sale so please stay tuned. It'll be on the top of the page in the header section. Anyways I really think we make some great gifts!

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