Princess Bedding

Custom or Personalized Princess Bed Sets for Toddler, Twin, Twin XL, Full/Queen & King (Comforter & Duvet Covers with Pillowcases / Pillow shams)

Your daughter or little girl will love my princess bed set designs. They will be so happy with the bright pink, purple, blue and adorable colourful comforters and duvets. Each design in my princess collection will be packed with stars, castles and cute princesses. All of the products are fun and colourful but unfortunately because of license issues I cannot use popular characters like ‘my little pony’ ‘cinderella’ disney characters or more.

My shop uses the best fabric and all of the designs are printed on 100% microfiber with 320 sateen cotton bottom. It’s plush, comfy and little girls will love the style of my adorable designs. Your kids will cuddle up on these colourful and cute comforters and duvet covers but you can also buy matching pillows / shams as well. My prices aren’t cheap but I hope they are affordable for you (if you are looking for high quality, luxurious bedding) because I chose the best fabric. Please watch my youtube review when I compare my bedding with cheap $50 bedding from amazon / wayfair made from polyester or mixed blend. It’s rough, hard and doesn’t feel soft as well. Your kids will hate how it feels and it will not feel like a luxury product.

My princess bed sets is a luxurious product because it is personalized but more importantly, I put alot of heart and love in here. The fabric in this bedding is by far the best in the industry. When you need to wash it, all you have to do is make sure that you don’t wash it in hot water and use a low tumble on the dry. Taking care of it is easy that way :) You can throw the comforter or duvet cover with the pillowcases / shams into the washer or dryer without worrying about the color fading or having to ironing it.

All my products in this collection are super soft and cozy and will let little girl have sweet dreams in her fairy tale of a life all night. If you are wanting to give your little girl a princess themed bedroom makeover, it’ll turn her dreams into something magical. The bright pink, purple and blue colors will put her into dreams of fun and adventure. You can cuddle up with her while reading a bedtime story and really be happy with your decision to buy my princess bed set. Currently I have sizes available in the toddler, twin, twin xl, full / queen and king size beds. Soon I will be creating rugs, sheets, curtains, furniture and more which will help you make a beautiful complete princess theme room. Because my shop takes a hand made crafted approach to each piece, you can change the colors, characters, font style and more for free.

All you need to do email me at to get started on your new princess bed set. I don't have a large selection now but I am currently working on new designs including bedding with the motocross, dinosaur, mermaid, unicorn, gamer, gymnastics, firefighter, construction, princess and police themes. Moreover, most of my designs are personalized. I think adding a name is a lovely touch which is will be a huge surprise for your kids. All of the bedding I've seen on sale, do not have this touch. Look, think about this as a gift. And take a look into your kids bedroom. If it looks dull or boring and you want to decorate her room into a sweet, adorable and magical bedroom then please consider this as a gift.

It'll be an awesome surprise for her. Alot of my products were inspired by pretty designs you see today. One thing I'm proud about is my princess bed sets. The bedding went through some focus group tests with little kids and the results were that they thought my designs were so adorable. I put alot of work into this store and hope you'll see all the time and dedication I put making products for children.

To get into some ordering details. When you place your order, it'll take 4-7 days to print, hand stitch & craft then package. Then it takes another 3-5 business days for shipping and delivery (its coming out of Missouri). Soon I will create a bed sheet / bedspread that you can put on a mattress which will complete this collection's princess bed set decor. Any young child will dream of the designs and you will have an amazing time to your favorite child when buying this as a gift. If your treat your daughter like a queen, then she deserves this princess bed set!

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