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Welcome to Dreamy Beddings

Hi Everyone! My name is Peter and I am the owner of Dreamy Beddings. Let me tell you about my life. I started this company out of pure passion for designing and solving a problem in the market with cheap bedding. But like a true serial entrepreneur, I am a free spirit and I can’t be stuck in a 9-5 job; so I decided to live as a Digital Nomad, traveling the world while also working online.
(You're probably wondering why and how some buff guy knows about designing kids beds - check out my reviews from my Scripture Wall Art Store here. I love designing things!)

Currently I am living in Malaysia, volunteering for the WWF  (World Wildlife Fund) and other NGO’s (Non-Government Organisations). I love spreading joy and giving back to the community in any way possible.
(This me volunteering for the WWF, collecting pledges to save the Malay Tiger)
(This me volunteering at a local school teaching English. My outfit cost more than what their parents make in a month)

That’s why I will be donating 5% of my profits to Make a Wish Malaysia to help children that are close to death by achieving their dreams regardless of living in a 1st world or in their case, a 3rd world country. You're probably wondering why I chose 'Make a Wish Foundation'. Why not? Back at home (I'm from Tennessee btw), you have seen them grant some amazing wishes for kids who really don't have much to look forward to in life. And Make a Wish Malaysia just started recently so I want to help them out and hopefully they can make the same impact to the community like what they have been doing back at home. 

Check this page out to see my donations to Make a Wish Foundation

    Why I created this store

    I thought about the idea of this store because my sister-in-law was complaining about the material used in my nephew’s bedding set. She thought it felt cheap and hard and she didn’t like the quality at all. And that’s how Dreamy Beddings was formed.

    If you are anything like my sister-in-law, you are looking for quality but all you find is cheap Chinese alternatives. So I searched long and hard, tested countless fabrics (yes you can do this while living overseas) from a number of Local American manufacturers and picked my favorite material based on Value, Reliability, Quality and most importantly…COMFORT!!


    Watch this 2 minute video about how my comforters compare against Amazon's

    But one thing was missing and that bedding sets are all massed produced. That's why everything here for sale is customizable but more importantly -- Personalized! How awesome would it be to have your child's name on their bed? I'm sure you can already see the joy on their faces if you bought it for them.

    Dreamy Beddings is all about turning your kids room into something different. While designing this bedding, I really wanted to turn their room into something Magical. So your children will sleep with happy dreams.


    The Value You Get With My Bedding

    My goal is to offer you the best value for your money. Of course Amazon and Walmart sell it a lot cheaper but they use some really cheap materials. And besides, I could never compete with them. But my beddings is the best price for the material used and I want to give you great customized and personalised selection too. All the bedding you see in my store for sale can be changed from the colors, font of the name, size and more. All you have to do is email me at help@dreamybeddings.com to get started on a full custom set and I promise, I won’t charge you extra for any changes!

    For the parents who want to give their daughters or son the most comfortable and best experience in life and more than anything who love to give their kids the best of the best!

    From the fabric, material used and the colourful adorable prints created is the best of the best. And plus, everything is made in the USA here. Feel free to look at the materials used with my bedding compared to my competitors. You’ll find a huge difference.

    My Experience Running a Business while Volunteering

    Dreamy Beddings is a sister company to Christianwalls.com. I created Christian Walls 3 years ago and it’s a popular scripture wall art canvas store that I have been running successfully. Go ahead and check out my reviews, you’ll see that no matter where I am in the world; I care about my customers and I am dedicated to providing the best quality to you.

    My team consists of dedicated staff that have been with me for the past 3 years. They will stand strong behind my promise to offer you the best customer service possible.

    After reviewing my Terms & Conditions page and my Shipping & Processing, Returns & Refunds information, if you still have questions regarding your order or bedding listed in my store, feel free to contact me by clicking here.

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