Why I Donate to Charity

If you haven’t read about me and my story, you can read it here but if you did read about my story you know that I own a Christian art store and that I actively volunteer. Just little bit about me, I grew up in Chattanooga, Tennessee and if anybody knows anything about the South East, it’s called the ‘Bible Belt’ for a reason because it’s a very conservative area. Most people are Christians and that included me and my family and all my friends. I even went to Christian school from Kindergarden to Highschool Graduation (K-12).

For those who are Christian, you know there are many verses about Volunteering. Here are some:


And throughout my life and my travels, I have volunteered in one way or another. Now, I want to give back. And you can check this page for proof.

I just started this store (November 1st 2019) and everytime I donate to Make a Wish Malaysia, I’m going to take a picture and post it here for proof.

A lot of brands claim that they donate to charity but they don’t or it all goes to overhead. So I’m going to be as transparent as possible.

Check here for updates!

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